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Choose your own vehicle icons

Did you know that you can choose your own icons to represent your vehicles on the Trackem map? We have tonnes of choices!  When you are logged into your account, goto Manage > Devices, click the gear icon to edit a vehicle, and select a new icon from the dropdown list.  Winter is almost here. Do you have snow plows in your fleet? Snow plow icons allow you to easily identify them on the map amongst your entire fleet.

Stay Connected with Your Team No Matter Where the Job Takes You

When you invest in a fleet solution such as a Trackem GPS tracker, you can stay connected with your team no matter where the job takes you. A GPS tracking device gives you the ability to view real-time location data any time, anywhere from a computer or mobile device. The benefits of this connectivity extend to your drivers, dispatchers, and managers. Here's a look at how fleet management software benefits each. The Benefits of Staying Connected for Drivers For drivers, dispatchers are always just a tap away. If a job is more complicated than expected, the driver can quickly notify the dispatcher that he or she is likely to run behind or request additional help. The days of calling into a main office, making small talk with the person who answers the phone , and waiting to be connected with a dispatcher are over. At the same time, technicians do not need to be interrupted whenever a customer calls the company requesting an ETA. Dispatchers can immediately see where the tech

Manage your Business Better with Fleet Management Software

Whether your business has a fleet of a few cars and trucks or dozens of them, managing that fleet is a feat in and of itself. Finding a solid fleet solution has become a must for most fleet managers. Today's fleet management software has evolved to include GPS services that provide you with real-time insights and greater control over your fleet. How Fleet Management Software Works A fleet solution with integrated GPS services requires that each fleet vehicle be equipped with a GPS tracking device. Various devices are available for fleets including plug-and-play modems and hard-wired modems. Depending on your preferences, modems can be installed in non-accessible locations to prevent tampering. Client software communicates with these devices, allowing dispatchers and managers to instantly determine any given vehicle's exact whereabouts. Depending on the fleet solution you choose, this client software could be installed on your corporate network or hosted in the cloud. Bene

Trackem Launches Latest Updates in Face of Waning Budgets for Fleet Managers

Fleet managers are constantly asked to do more with less thanks to a flat economy, increasing fuel, maintenance and insurance costs, and a mandate to reduce spending. Trackem fleet management software has recently been updated, allowing fleet managers to work more efficiently. Best of all, this fleet solution can help fleet managers meet those cost-cutting mandates. Here's how. Cutting Fuel Costs with Trackem Trackem's real-time GPS services tracks fleet vehicles in real-time, making it possible to plan more efficient routes based on each vehicle's location. For example, dispatchers can see exactly where each vehicle is currently located in relation to a new service call and then dispatch the closest vehicle to the call. Smarter routing translates into reduced fuel costs. In addition, when drivers know that their company cars have Trackem GPS tracking their every move, they'll be less likely to wander off their assigned routes. Fleet management software reduces

Old Maintenance menu items removed

The old Maintenance menu items have been removed. All old data can be found in the new Service Log. Add your vehicles and start managing your fleets maintenance! Live demos and training sessions are always available. Give us a call at 1-866-868-7225 or email

Why Trackem Your Fleet?

Fleet tracking systems have been available for over a decade. Advances in GPS technology, improvements in satellite mapping systems, and innovations in mobile devices have combined to make modern fleet tracking systems powerful, affordable, and easy to use. But why use fleet tracking when your drivers regularly check in with dispatchers? Below are a few of the many compelling reasons to add fleet tracking technology to your fleet: Improved job routing  - With just a mouse-click or tap, your dispatchers can immediately see which driver is closest to a given destination. This allows for more efficient job scheduling. Rather than spending time tracking down each driver or guessing who is nearby when a real-time service call comes in, you can instantly determine which technician to send to the job based on actual location. Reduced fuel costs  - Improved job routing translates into reduced fuel consumption. After all, if you can send a driver half a block away to a job site instead of