Wednesday, 18 March 2015

Trackem has moved!

We have moved our offices down the 403 to Brantford, Ontario. Our phone number (1-866-868-7225) and fax number (1-888-524-1110) remain the same, only our address has changed.

20 Roy Boulevard, Unit 15
Brantford, Ontario, N3R7K2

Thursday, 13 November 2014

Choose your own vehicle icons

Did you know that you can choose your own icons to represent your vehicles on the Trackem map? We have tonnes of choices! 

When you are logged into your account, goto Manage > Devices, click the gear icon to edit a vehicle, and select a new icon from the dropdown list. 

Winter is almost here. Do you have snow plows in your fleet? Snow plow icons allow you to easily identify them on the map amongst your entire fleet.

Stay Connected with Your Team No Matter Where the Job Takes You

When you invest in a fleet solution such as a Trackem GPS tracker, you can stay connected with your team no matter where the job takes you. A GPS tracking device gives you the ability to view real-time location data any time, anywhere from a computer or mobile device. The benefits of this connectivity extend to your drivers, dispatchers, and managers. Here's a look at how fleet management software benefits each.
The Benefits of Staying Connected for Drivers
For drivers, dispatchers are always just a tap away. If a job is more complicated than expected, the driver can quickly notify the dispatcher that he or she is likely to run behind or request additional help. The days of calling into a main office, making small talk with the person who answers the phone , and waiting to be connected with a dispatcher are over.
At the same time, technicians do not need to be interrupted whenever a customer calls the company requesting an ETA. Dispatchers can immediately see where the technician is on the day's route and which jobs have already been completed. From there, dispatchers can quickly provide the customer with an estimated time. As you can imagine, this is a benefit to customers, too.
GPS navigation tracking ensures that drivers never get lost. Routes can be preloaded or updated on the fly due to changing traffic conditions or job sites.
The Benefits of Staying Connected for Dispatchers
Perhaps dispatchers benefit from GPS fleet solutions the most. After all, GPS navigation tracking systems help them to do their jobs more efficiently. Whether responsible for a single driver or dozens of them, each dispatcher can instantly locate each vehicle, send text messages, view live traffic cameras and traffic overlays, and more. Fleet management software can be configured to automatically alert dispatchers should a vehicle enter or leave a designated area as well as provide real-time information such as location, speed of travel, and vehicle health information.
The Benefits of Staying Connected for Managers
Managers need to know how their fleets are operating each day. Are drivers taking the most efficient routes possible? Are they staying within their designated territories? Are they getting their fuel at the correct gas stations? Are they making sure to have their vehicles serviced at appropriate times? Are they driving safely? Are they spending the appropriate amount of time at each job site?
They also need to be readily accessible for questions, concerns, and ideas. With a GPS phone tracker app, managers can instantly view real-time fleet information on their computers, smartphones, or tablets. Whether in the office or on a business trip, managers can immediately connect with drivers, view real-time location data, participate in location-based instant messaging, and view detailed reports.
Prior to using a fleet solution such as Trackem GPS fleet management software, managers would need to call dispatchers to find out where a given driver was at any given time. From there, the dispatcher would need to use the radio to find out. With GPS fleet tracking, that information is just a tap away -- and it benefits everyone involved.
How will you use GPS services to stay connected? Contact Trackem to learn more.

Monday, 10 November 2014

Manage your Business Better with Fleet Management Software

Whether your business has a fleet of a few cars and trucks or dozens of them, managing that fleet is a feat in and of itself. Finding a solid fleet solution has become a must for most fleet managers. Today's fleet management software has evolved to include GPS services that provide you with real-time insights and greater control over your fleet.
How Fleet Management Software Works
A fleet solution with integrated GPS services requires that each fleet vehicle be equipped with a GPS tracking device. Various devices are available for fleets including plug-and-play modems and hard-wired modems. Depending on your preferences, modems can be installed in non-accessible locations to prevent tampering. Client software communicates with these devices, allowing dispatchers and managers to instantly determine any given vehicle's exact whereabouts. Depending on the fleet solution you choose, this client software could be installed on your corporate network or hosted in the cloud.
Benefits of Incorporating GPS Services into Your Fleet
Service-oriented businesses can dramatically improve customer service and operational efficiencies with GPS tracking systems. For example, if your technicians make service calls, GPS tracking aids dispatchers in routing as well as allows them to keep customers informed of the technician's estimated time of arrival.
. Dispatch - Dispatchers can view the fleet management software and see real-time locations of all service vehicles, allowing them to instantly locate technicians as well as select the closest vehicle for emergency services. They can also view real-time traffic information and traffic cameras, allowing them to help driver select the most efficient route to a given destination possible.
. Operations - From an operational perspective, fleet management software can be set up to include maintenance records, examine driver behaviors and trends, identify areas where your fleet vehicles congregate, notify managers when technicians arrive at or leave a job site, send alerts when speeds have exceeded predetermined limits, notify you should a driver leave a designated "geo fence," and much more.
. Access - In addition to fleet management software accessible from your office, Trackem is available for iPhones, iPads, Android phones, and Blackberry devices. Managers and dispatchers can keep in touch with the entire fleet regardless of where they may be physically located.
Cloud-based Communications
Technicians are always a tap away. Location-based text messaging allows you to communicate with drivers instantly as well as detect their exact location using a GPS tracking device. In fact, many companies use Trackem navigation GPS tracking systems as cloud-based time clocks. Mobile users "check in" and "check out" using the phone tracker. You could set this up for daily time clocks as well as use it to track the amount of time spent on each job.
GPS Fleet Reporting
In addition to real-time views of your entire fleet, detailed, highly visual reports are also part of Trackem's fleet solution. Examples of fleet reports include: fleet data, heat maps, history, stops, geo fencing, proximity, and maintenance records.
How you use these reports is up to you. For example, you could use GPS tracking system reports to plan more efficient routes, identify potential new territories, monitor fuel costs, or even request reduced insurance rates. You could also use location data to confront employees who have demonstrated reckless driving behaviors or have deviated from authorized areas.
GPS services and fleet management software work together to help you manage your business better. Learn more by visiting

Thursday, 6 November 2014

Trackem Launches Latest Updates in Face of Waning Budgets for Fleet Managers

Fleet managers are constantly asked to do more with less thanks to a flat economy, increasing fuel, maintenance and insurance costs, and a mandate to reduce spending. Trackem fleet management software has recently been updated, allowing fleet managers to work more efficiently. Best of all, this fleet solution can help fleet managers meet those cost-cutting mandates. Here's how.
Cutting Fuel Costs with Trackem
Trackem's real-time GPS services tracks fleet vehicles in real-time, making it possible to plan more efficient routes based on each vehicle's location. For example, dispatchers can see exactly where each vehicle is currently located in relation to a new service call and then dispatch the closest vehicle to the call. Smarter routing translates into reduced fuel costs.
In addition, when drivers know that their company cars have Trackem GPS tracking their every move, they'll be less likely to wander off their assigned routes. Fleet management software reduces personal use of company cars, resulting in reduced fuel costs.
Cutting Maintenance Costs with Trackem
In addition to GPS tracking, Trackem's fleet management software can be configured to alert managers of upcoming maintenance as well as send alerts should a car or truck's engine light comes on. Routine maintenance is essential in extending the life of each vehicle and in cutting repair costs. After all, what costs more, an oil change or an engine replacement? However, keeping track of which car needs what service is a monumental task. Trackem fleet management software makes it much easier.
Trackem's OBD-II modem will even monitor each car's health and alert you whenever the car has a health issue, is low on fuel, or has exceeded a specific speed. By being alerted to a potential health issue, you can take action before the issue becomes catastrophic. Don't rely on drivers to let you know that the car needs attention because they may not be as concerned as they ought to be or they might forget to mention it. Take matters into your own hands by installing a Trackem GPS device.
Cutting Insurance Costs with Trackem
Trackem may also help reduce your insurance costs. For starters, if one of your fleet vehicles is stolen, it can be tracked and most likely recovered. You can also deter thieves by posting decals indicating that the car is equipped with a GPS tracking device.
In addition, managers can take a more proactive approach to driver safety. For example, if a driver exceeds a certain speed limit, managers can be notified immediately. Not only can they issue a gentle reminder to slow down which could prevent a speeding ticket or an accident, they also have proof of unsatisfactory driving. From there, they can work with the driver to ensure compliance.
GPS tracking can deter thieves and reduce actual losses should a theft occur as well as remind drivers to drive safely. Both of these results can lead to insurance discounts and lower overall insurance costs.
Trackem also offers tracking devices for non-fleet assets and business equipments. Smartphone apps are also available to ensure that your entire fleet is always just a tap away.
Though budgets remain tight, investing in fleet management software and GPS tracking can quickly pay for itself by slashing your fuel, maintenance, and insurance costs.

Tuesday, 4 November 2014

Old Maintenance menu items removed

The old Maintenance menu items have been removed. All old data can be found in the new Service Log. Add your vehicles and start managing your fleets maintenance!

Live demos and training sessions are always available. Give us a call at 1-866-868-7225 or email

Monday, 3 November 2014

Why Trackem Your Fleet?

Fleet tracking systems have been available for over a decade. Advances in GPS technology, improvements in satellite mapping systems, and innovations in mobile devices have combined to make modern fleet tracking systems powerful, affordable, and easy to use. But why use fleet tracking when your drivers regularly check in with dispatchers? Below are a few of the many compelling reasons to add fleet tracking technology to your fleet:
  1. Improved job routing - With just a mouse-click or tap, your dispatchers can immediately see which driver is closest to a given destination. This allows for more efficient job scheduling. Rather than spending time tracking down each driver or guessing who is nearby when a real-time service call comes in, you can instantly determine which technician to send to the job based on actual location.
  2. Reduced fuel costs - Improved job routing translates into reduced fuel consumption. After all, if you can send a driver half a block away to a job site instead of one who is on the other side of town, you'll spend less money on fuel.
  3. Accountability - When drivers know that company cars are being tracked in real time, they tend to be more accountable. Personal errands and unauthorised trips are less likely with fleet tracking. In fact, you can even set up a "geofence" and generate detailed reports. For example, if each driver has a specific geographic territory, you could examine those geo-fenced territories to ensure that the bulk of each driver's time is actually spent servicing that territory. Similarly, if drivers are allowed to take company cars home, you could use a geo fence to establish the true time the driver arrived at the office. Similarly, job site reports would establish the true time the driver arrived at the first job of the day. This data can be used to validate time sheets. Knowing that fleet tracking serves as a time clock of sorts, most drivers will be more likely to report their true arrival times on their time sheets.
  4. Improved safety - Fleet tracking also keeps track of the vehicle's speed and can instantly notify you when a driver exceeds a certain speed. Dispatchers can then contact the driver and issue a friendly reminder to slow down. Meanwhile, this data is recorded and can be used to determine the driving behaviours of fleet drivers. As driver safety improves, you may even qualify for a reduced price on your fleet's car insurance. Some insurers may offer discounts for companies that use fleet tracking as well.
  5. Business planning - Heatmaps and detailed histories which can be downloaded into Google Earth can help you plan future expansions and new car purchases. For example, heatmaps show common congregation points superimposed over a map. As you notice clusters of activity over time, you may realise that setting up a small dispatch centre in that location may be more cost-effective than routinely dispatching drivers from a far off location.
  6. Real-time alerts - You can also set up real-time alerts that instantly notify you when a driver arrives at or leaves a geo fence, exceeds a predetermined speed, or when a car is low on fuel.
  7. Improved maintenance - You can also use fleet tracking systems as part of your fleet maintenance system. For example, you can view detailed reports covering oil changes, fuel stops, and other related activities.
Fleet tracking has come of age, and information about your entire fleet is always just a tap or click away thanks to advances in GPS, satellite mapping, and mobile devices.